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Camera with powerful transmitter and receiver 2.4 GHz

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Camera with powerful transmitter and receiver 2.4 GHz


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If you have to transmit audio and video signals over a long distance, you can use this camera kit with receiver. In combination with any of the recorders from the Videorecorders section you can build an effective system for suveillance and recording. The camera is equipped with infrared LEDs that allow you to record even in complete darkness up to 10-15 meters away. It is powered by a constant voltage of 12V and can be connected directly to a battery and thus avoiding the use of the included adapter. Broadcast on each of the four standard channels such. Switching channels is done by using the micro switch.
The power supply of the receiver is also from a 12V adapter. You can receive sequentially each channel while on the top cover there is indicator for the currently active channel. You have two outputs for audio and video signals.
Camera features:
Sensor: 1/3" CMOS
System: PAL / NTSC
Resolution: 628x582 PAL, NTSC 510x492
Transmission distance: 500 meters within direct line of sight
Power supply: 12V DC
Power consumption: <4W
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50 degrees
Dimensions: 68x52x105 mm.
Weight: 270 grams
Receiver features:
Received channels: CH1 - 2.414GHz, CH2 - 2.432GHz, CH3 - 2.450GHz, CH4 - 2.468GHz
Video Output: 75 Ohm, 1 V p-p
Audio output: 10 kOhm /200 mV p-p
Power consumption: <2W
Operating temperatures: 0 ~ 40 degrees
Dimensions: 96x79x30 mm.
Weight: 141 grams