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Micro headset

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Micro headset


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This headset is the excellent solution for establishing wireless communication at the lowest price.
This is the perfect choice of headsets for students because you get very good communication at extremely low price.
The headset is designed with the optimal ergonomic design, so that it is comfortable for continuous use.
Works with battery type 337 or 416. The low power consumption allows approximately 4 hours nonstop headset operation.
This headset works only with "loops" equipped with audio amplifier. If you use it with another loop it's possible the sound is poor.
Frequency band: 200Hz ~ 5400Hz
Power consumption: 0.80mA
Operating temperatures: 0 ~ 40 degrees
Battery type: 337 or 416
Dimensions: length 14, diameter 8 mm / Weight 0.5 grams