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Black micro headset with "loop" and amplifier

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Black micro headset with "loop" and amplifier


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This headset allows you to get comfortable and wireless communication at a good and affordable price. One of the lowest prices for these devices is for precisely this device for communication and connection. Because of its small size, this handset becomes completely out of sight.
Its high sensitivity allows it to be used with almost all receivers, but only if they have audio amplifier. You will receive in this case, very clear and crisp sound.
Powered by 1.55 V battery it has an extremely low power consumption and will promptly inform you with a beep when the battery is close to depletion.


Frequency Response: 200Hz ~ 5400Hz
consumption: 0.65mA
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40C
Battery: Type 337 or
416 Uptime: about 6 hours
Dimensions/weight 10x7x6 mm/0.5 g

about " loop ":
< br />In the loop there is installed 3W audio amplifier that guarantees you a crystal clear sound allowing you to hear everything completely clear, so that this can help you a lot. On the front side of the receiver there are function keys that allow you to start and stop the headset and the sound. With the sensitive microphone installed, you can keep two-way communication.
The "loop" has a built- in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows 2-3 hours of talk time. Charging time is 2 hours.


Audio Amplifier: 3W
Battery: 230 mAh
listening time: 2-3 hours
charging time: 2 hours
distance to phone: 30 cm(15 cm
Dimensions: 930 mm for "loop" and 750 mm connecting cable
Connection: stereo jack.