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Magnetic headset with a bluetooth receiver

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Magnetic headset with a bluetooth receiver


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The headset:
MS05 is one extremely small headset that fits tightly in the ear canal and becomes completely invisible. Made of natural magnetic materials and does not require any power source.
Works only with loops equipped with audio amplifiers.
The kit includes a tool for getting the headset out of your ear.
1. If you put the headset into the ear, then use only the original tool to remove it.
2. If you can not do it by yourself consult a doctor.
Frequency range - 20 ~ 22000Hz
Operating temperatures - 0 ~ 40 degrees
Dimensions - diameter 3 mm, length 1.5 mm and diameter 5 mm, length 5 mm.
The receiver:
This bluetooth receiver can connect in wireless mode the loop to your mobile phone.
With the built-in 3W audio amplifier you will enjoy loud and clear sound in the micro headset. Furthermore, the device is equipped with buttons for volume up and volume down, button to turn the microphone on and off (mute) and a SOS button, which will help you in urgent situations to report without talking just by sending a sound signal to the other party during a call.

Connection type:
Press and hold the power button (the large button on the bottom) until the blue and red diodes start blinking. Then let your mobile phone search for new devices. The receiver will appear with the name T-LOOP. The pairing passkey is 0000.
Frequency band: 2400 ~ 2480MHz
Transmission distance: to the headset <30 cm / to the mobile phone <10 m
Battery: Rechargeable 320 mAh li-ion
Talk time: 2.5 hours
Standby time 120 hours
Dimensions: receiver 27x59x19 mm / loop diameter 3 mm, length 840 mm / weight in 24 grams