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Two cameras with HD recorder

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Two cameras with HD recorder


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The device is suitable for mounting it in a car. With it you can monitor and record images from two cameras, you can switch between any of them, or watch both simultaneously by using the "picture in picture" feature.
The second camera has a separate cable and you can put it on the desired location in the car. It can successfully serve as your parking assistant if you put it on the rear bumper.
Recording images from the camera starts immediately when you start the engine. You can also use the motion detector or vibrosensor to start the recording.
You can choose between audio-video recordings or photos only.
The captured files can be seen instantly on the 2 inch TFT display.
For your better comfort when working with the divice you have a remote control.
The recorder has a microSD card slot, you can use cards up to 32 GB. It has a recording function that overwrites the oldest records when the memory card is full.
Video is in resolution 1280x720/30 fps, and photos - JPEG 2040x1536.