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Digital decoder - cinch


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This Set Top Box (STB) is designed to receive broadcast programs after the progress of digital tv broadcasting in Bulgaria. This is the MPEG-4 DVB-T receiver. After decoding the digital signal it is transmitted to a TV via RCA cable (cinch). If your TV has an HDMI input, you can plug it with an HDMI cable and can take FullHD signal.
The receiver cover all frequencies of terrestrial digital television broadcasting, there are automatic and manual scan mode and LED indication signal.
The feature to drive will allow you to keep track of the television program, change the subtitle language and audio dubbing, and to receive digital radio stations if they are broadcast.
With the inclusion of a USB memory to the appropriate slot receiver becomes recorder. You can remove your transmissions through time by pressing pause and keep watch at your convenience. You can also do pre-planned recordings at the touch of a button.
If the USB memory you have saved photos, music or videos you can play them on your TV.