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Wireless camera 2.4 GHz with receiver kit

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Wireless camera 2.4 GHz with receiver kit


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2.4 GHz Mini 1/4 inch CCD camera, broadcasting audio and video signal with output 10 mW.
Size: 30x35x23mm
Automatic backlight compensation
Resolution: PAL: 628x582, NTSC: 510x492
Minimum light level: 0.5 Lux
Power Supply: DC 12V/500mA
Operating temperatures: from -10 to +85 degrees

Receiver for wireless devices:
With this 2.4 GHz wireless receiver for wireless devices you can see and hear everything that happens within your wireless camera range. It is very simple to manipulate and is very small in size. Equipped with electronic control over the received frequency and you can easily choose between the four standard channels, depending on which channel broadcasts your camera. After plugging the outputs of the receiver to the AV inputs on the TV you can watch the camera on a monitor. If you want to record the received signal please connect the receiver's output to a VCR or other recording device and you will be able to keep records from your wireless camera.
Dimensions: 105x74x23 mm
Incoming signal: 2.4 GHz audio and video.
Maximum distance: at power 10 mW - 50 meters within direct line of sight.
Power supply: 9 to 12 V, 500 mAh
Operating temperatures: -10 to +50 degrees.