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Door peephole with motion detector

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Door peephole with motion detector


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Peephole has a memory card slot which you can record every press of the peephole. After pressing, you will hear a beep, the monitor screen will flash and the image will be stored on the card.
You can also turn on the display, without anyone calling and will again save the image on camera. By pressing the POWER button to zoom in and zoom out.
Arrows you can quickly view the records, whether they are photos or video.
When the lights are not enough peephole includes two powerful infrared LEDs holy, allowing you to see even in absolute darkness.
device has a button that activates the motion detector. When in this mode, activating the detector, the visitor will hear a message in English to leave video messages. In this case, you will have a video of your visitors.
MicroSD cards with a capacity of 1 MB can store over 2000 images.