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Parking system in a rear view mirror


Parking system in a rear view mirror


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With the camera from this set, placed at the right place you will have a complete view when parking in reverse. For better orientation in space it provides a raster display system.
The screen that is mounted on the rear view mirror is TFT LCD measuring 7 inches and 16:9 and 4:3. You can connect two sources of video signal to it – e.g. camera and DVD player and stereo audio output.
Furthermore, the assistant parking mirror is a multimedia device. It has an SD card reader and a USB port which allows you to play videos in AVI, MPEG, music in MP3, WAV, WMA or view pictures in GIF, BMP or JPEG.
The device has a FM transmitter so you can listen to the sound on the stereo audio system of the car.
For easier control over all the functions of the rear view mirror there is a remote control included.