Set - headset and transmitter hidden in a wallet -
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Set - headset and transmitter hidden in a wallet

Mini wireless headsets

Set - headset and transmitter hidden in a wallet


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With this kit you can successfully receive data even when you can not use any GSM communications. It uses the 400 MHz frequency band. The connection is easy to establish and it's reliable. Just put the headset into your ear. The wallet is equipped with a receiving antenna and induction coil for proper connection to the headset. The closer the wallet to the phone the louder the sound will be. The receiver installed in the wallet operates at two different frequencies. They are selected by using the micro switch. Observe the position of the switch and tune the transmitter to the same frequency. This is done by pressing the SCAN button and turning the radio on. Then using the buttons CH + and CH you can tune the preferred frequency. When the frequency is tuned correctly press the button on the side of the radio and you can talk. The maximum distance between the transmitter and the receiver is up to 1000 meters within direct line of sight.