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Wireless keyboard MELE

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Wireless keyboard MELE


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We present a practical and adorable device that can control your tv sets and can be used as a keyboard and mouse. The best assistant to manage your appliances in the living room in one place.

Button Description:
1. Plugging
2. Confirmation.
3. Left mouse button.
4. Home.
5. Menu.
6. TV output.
7. Subtitles.
8. Booking of forward functions.
9. Mouse button start.
10. Right mouse button.
11. Up, Down, Left, Right
12. Increase sound.
13. Sound reduction.
14. Stop / start sound.
15. Audio.
16. Fn function.

This combination of wireless keyboard, mouse and remote control can be used for a computer for home audio-video system, TV. You can chat through with this wireless keyboard on Skype / MSN, surf the web and more.
Compatible with HTPC computer without the need to install drivers on the principle of plugNplay technology. Transmits a signal to the device up to 30 meters.

how to incorporate and use in various devices in the home?
device has a USB receiver that receives the signal and transmits the device to which it is connected. To operate your multifunctional keyboard, mouse, connect the receiver to a USB port on your PC or TV / only new support / and then you can work with them from a distance.
mice are at least 20 cm away from the receiver and press its buttons to work with the applications.
To synchronize the mouse to recognize the device, press for two seconds and Right ENTER.

1. When using the mouse, the keyboard is not available and vice versa - when the keyboard is used, the mouse is not available.
2. When not working with the mouse for about 2 minutes, it switches off itself.
3. And when the keyboard is not used for about 2 minutes, it turns off.
4. Press and hold the Fn function can not use the orange button on the keyboard.

status of various LED:
1. While the keyboard or mouse is synchronized with the device in which it is included, the orange light flashes every 0.3 seconds, and after the synchronization is successful, light up for two seconds and goes out. If the device fails to synchronize, then the orange LED will continue to flash.
2. Orange light flashes and when currently runs an operation or function.
3. Red light flashes when the battery of the device is charging, and when fully charged extinguished. When the battery capacity is less than 10%, the red light flashes every second.