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Mini camera in a flexible tube with zoom


Mini camera in a flexible tube with zoom


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With this small camera you are able to the software zoom just by pressing the button on the handle. Once plugged into the USB port on your computer you can watch the videos.
There are 5 levels of zoom button and a smooth zoom, if you use the software from the installation disc. If you do not install the software the camera will be automatically detected by your operating system and you can use it in Windows explorer, but you won't use the extra features such as zoom and photos.
The camera has a bright LED, so you can use it in dark areas. The light intensity is regulated by the handle.

- diameter of the camera is 11.2 mm.
- pipe size with handle - 120 cm
- USB cable length is 2 m
- viewing angle is 54 degrees
- Minimum focus distance of 6 cm
- Video 640x480.

There are three auxiliary nozzle and handy plastic case.