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BD02 - Professional GSM Bug Detector

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BD02 - Professional GSM Bug Detector


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Super sensitive as high as 10 LED indicators to determine signal strength
Deffectively Detecting the bug position according to the signal strength of the instruction
Wide Band 1 Mhz to 6.5 Ghz,Can detect GSM bug,wireless spy camera,GPS tracker,GPS and Cellphone jammer
Audible alarm with tonal change indicates signal strength
Vibration warning mode
User can use earphones for convenient monitoring of audible alarm
Sensitivity tuner
Small Size: 65 x 54 x 18mm
Powered by AAA battery x2

The size of a small, convenient to carry

Alarm : Sound, vibration and mute
Length: 170mm long rod antenna
Battery: AAA Battery ×2
Dimension: 95mm ×55mm ×17mm
Weight: 50g
Color : Walnut / Black