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How convenient is the handheld scanner for documents

The handheld scanner is a practical portable device that can be carried everywhere with its owner letting him the chance to make high quality copies of certain documents. Then we only have to connect the scanner to a computer to download the files and print them if necessary. A really convenient and practical solution for anyone who travels a lot and the needs and scanner.

Portable scanner

Price: 128.95 €.

Handheld scanner

Price: 71.95 €.


Price: 71.95 €.
Therefore, we can actually say that this scanner is a one very practical tool when working on the move. It can be placed in one simple handbag , not too big and it also works with batteries - not to worry about the power. So the convenience of the scanner is really great. Be sure about this and visit us and select your scanner that will be your eternal companion in the important tasks of the everyday or professional life. You can scan each sheet up to A4 format, such as documents , advertisements,...   Read more

Can we use hunting cameras as a security device

Simply put - yes, you can use a quality and powerful hunting camera to guard your garden, agricultural area or simply attach it somewhere in the reserve where animals need to be monitored constantly but without disturbing to their natural environment. The camera is battery powered which makes it practical and fast in terms of power and operation.

8 MP MMS hunting camera

Price: 372.95 €.

12 MP hunting camera

Price: 181.95 €.
To take advantage of its options simply insert a microSD card which will save files and then insert batteries - 4 or 8 depending on the model and turn it on. In order to spend less electricity and not to record the bushes only, the camera has a built-in motion detector which can be configured manually. Then the camera will start recording when movement is detected and the owner provided he made the right settings will receive text messages informing him that the device began...   Read more

How do GSM and Wi-Fi signal boosters work

The amplifiers for telephone and Internet signal are aimed to assist the proper use of the corresponding device. There are still areas of the country where coverage is not good enough, so this generates the need for using such assistance devices especially if you have to make a few phone calls.

Wi-Fi signal booster

Price: 80.95 €.
And here come the GSM signal boosters. They are small boxes with one or two antennas. And that antennas spread the signal and this way improve the coverage in the area. In addition to increasing the signal strength they also increase the operating time of the batteries of mobile phones, they also decrease the emission of electromagnetic waves from them. So working with these devices becomes easier and much more efficient, and last but not least things are safer this way.

Anyone can acquire such a device, which will be of great...   Read more

Are there any electronic door peepholes with motion detector

The electronic door peephole is a new generation device which can be very useful when you want to know who and at what time came to you at your doorstep. It is easily installed on the door, controlled with a remote control and the picture it takes can be seen on additional little screen that commonly accompanies the little camera and you can take anywhere. So you will not have to get up from the chair where you sit comfortably right now. And when you do not want to open immediately or you are alone at night at home you won't be in a hurry to answer the door because you will first want to see who is ringing.

Mini Camera (Wired)

Price: 25.95 €.
One big advantage of the door peephole is that most of them have motion detectors. When the sensor detects motion near the camera or the visitor rings the bell attached to the peephole, then the...   Read more

Is it really that easy using a hidden camera

A hidden camera can be your eyes and ears at any place where you reside. It can show you things you found difficult or sometimes impossible to explain, what is completely hidden from you or just to warn you about something that directly or indirectly would affect you. Hidden camera can be used on different occasions and ways - it can record a memorable precious event, capture the babysitter or to watch over the kids while you are away, to make sure that your beloved ones and your elderly relatives don't need your help urgently as well as simply to make funny pictures. All these and much more can done with a hidden camera.

Hidden PC WEB camera

Price: 57.95 €.
Therefore, provided the fact that there is a huge functional meaning, the way of controlling and operating such a camera is very easy to allow by anyone who wishes to take advantage of its capabilities. As...   Read more

How practical the power consumption of the camera can be

A hidden camera can be extremely practical because of the ability to record everything that happens in a region or area. Therefore, in such case it is much more practical from a financial point of view to rely on this type of security technologies rather than the standards associated with the human factor that could a bit erratic in given situations.

Hidden camera in kids watch

Price: 51.95 €.
Can we, however, imagine that a hidden camera would give us the necessary information and will it run out of power in the most important moment? Since most, if not 99% of them are using rechargeable lithium batteries, it is very convenient, because they are mobile and can be carried to different places. But what if we placed the camera and we went somewhere? However, some time later the batteries will deplete and the camera will stop capturing images. And then something...   Read more

How to work with audio recorders and sound detectors

To record someone's conversation or lesson with that audio recorder is not that complicated task. We can even get to someone's secrets quite easily and fully effective as it is. And all that's just a touch of a button away. In this case, when the audio recorder has a sound detector, simply press the power button and leave it somewhere. The moment the detector hears a voice or sound higher than given minimum limit in decibels, it will turn on the recorder and it will begin recording everything you want to hear about.


Price: 35.95 €.
Due to the fact that the compression of audio files is stronger and does not require much space, the space of 4 GB can record about 70 hours. Quite enough to save your lectures for example or even the occasional conversations. This device is something a really good quality thing and very usable when we need an extra pair of...   Read more

How do I work with a portable scanner?

Working with portable scanners is very easy and practical. When you are out there and it is urgent to scan a document that gives you little time for response, instead of looking for book store offering such a device, simply pull it out from your purse and scan the sheet with it. Then you can connect the scanner to a computer and view how things got scanned.

Portable scanner

Price: 128.95 €.

Handheld scanner

Price: 71.95 €.
Due to the fact that it works with 4 alkaline batteries you don't have to worry that at some point power will be off and you won't be able to get the job done. Place the document you want to scan, set your parameters - whether it is color or black and white what is dpi and press the button. Document or photo will pass smoothly through this device and you will have saved the image in JPG format. Then you only need to insert the card in the reader or the entire device to your computer in order to download the...   Read more

What is the common use of the hunting cameras?

Hunting cameras are very practical tools for video monitoring in the wild if you want to monitor the population of wild animals in reserves for example. They allow anyone who once having installed them to become familiar with what is going on the field while he sits in his chair and did not disturb the animals at all. In addition, however hunting cameras can also be used in order to monitor the population of animals with aim to hunt them.

MMS hunting camera

Price: 362.95 €.

8 MP MMS hunting camera

Price: 372.95 €.

12 MP hunting camera

Price: 181.95 €.
Working with this tool for video and photos is an easy and seamless task. You just need to do programming by entering one SMS number. To this number when the sensor detects motion and activates the camera with which it will make a single picture or a short video, the camera will send a short SMS or MMS via GPRS system to notify you that there is some activity. The photos or videos are saved on the inserted...   Read more

Detectors and spy equipment - can these be reliable?

Yeah, pretty much they can be and even prevent someone from interfering with your personal life. With the detector will be able to detect hidden cameras, taps and alarms, if of course anyone has done a very clever job putting them in a place where he can observe or hear your location. To actually detect a listening device or camera you just have to set the frequency at which any camera might broadcast and walk past all corners in the area to see if there's something secret. When the detector detects something an audible signal will inform you that the detector has found something.

Scanner for wireless cameras

Price: 486.95 €.
Many of these devices have the ability to detect mobile networks, which means that if someone left his phone to record then you will be able to find it easily. Usually the power comes from the battery, so at any...   Read more